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  Welcome to my website, I am Linda the designer and developer of the Tug N Hug Pet Harness Company.  I make all of the pet products in my home whom I share with Roxie and Sas.  I am back in Sierra Vista, Arizona, settled and ready to reopen my website.  As some of you may know and there are many of you who do not know why the website was closed in 2016.  In 2012 I moved from Arizona to Washington to help my daughter, Tabitha.  Tabitha was very ill and passed away on April 25th, 2016.  I had to close the website to deal with issues and try to work thru the process of healing.  It took some time for me to get things together so I could finally move back to Arizona.

  In 2015 I met a video producer and website builder, Jim Thomson, I hired him to do a new website with videos.  It was a slow process working around the demands in my life.  After Tabitha passed away I had to put a hold going forward with putting up the new website. Jim was very patient while I regrouped and get myself back to Arizona.  Before I left Washington, Jim had to make a major move himself to Wisconsin to help out family. Unfortunately, by the time I had got myself settled in Arizona, Jim suddenly became very ill with a build-up of fluid in his brain, within weeks things went downhill for him.  I am hoping Jim is able to recover from his illness.  His design for the new website is going to be awesome!! So this website is going to start out as a basic site that will grow over time.

  Thank you for the loyalty you have shown me over the years, plus the encouragement to get my products back online.  I am so thrilled to be back at making the harness I designed as a human harness for pets. I have spent over 20 years making and adding design improvements that improved function and comfort. The good news is I have added more colors of webbing in the product line. Thanks to Tabitha's wants and needs I have designed 2 new products; She wanted a harness that had her favorite team colors, the Seattle Sea Hawks, that was the birth of the Titan Harness and with matching Dual-Handle Leash Set to my product line.  The other need that Tabitha wanted was a type of a hands-free leash to use on her body with her dog, so her hands could be free to use with a cane or in a wheelchair. The hands-free Jogger was also added to the product line.

  I still make all of the pet products that were your favorites over the last 18 years, plus the new pet products I have added to my site.   The high quality and durability of the products I make stand my business apart from other products on the market.


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