How to Fit Cat Harness

Below are pictures of making adjustments on the harness for fitting the harness on the cat. Please remember ‘A Balance Harness’ is the Key for a good fit. Adjustments on one side of the harness must match the other side.  As the pet walks around the harness will ride in the middle of the body. If the adjustment are shorter one side compared to the side. The heavy side of the harness will rotate over to the lower part of the body…which causes it to ride in the arm pit areas. Can be very painful for the pet. ‘Balance Harness’. 

Open the buckle on one side of the body strap. 


Locate the large part of rib cage and wrap body strap the body of cat.


Check how far the ends of the body straps slide past each.

Hold one finger on Tri-glide. push and wiggle webbing up thru Tri-glide.

When you see a little bubble forming on the middle of Tri-glide. Start pulling the webbing up.

Continue until you get desired length needed for adjustment.

Hold the desired length and pull the other end of webbing back thru the other side of Tri-glide.


Pull the webbing on thru until the webbing is laying flat against each other.


Smooth out webbing and webbing is fitting the hardware.


Make adjustments on the other end of the body strap. Check that both straps are the same length.


Make adjustments on the shoulder straps…do the Balance…slip over the head.  Lay the back down on the back of cat.


Line up the buckles and snap together.


Slip two fingers under each of the buckles and pull both sides of the harness toward the rear of the cat. This will set the front of the harness on to chest area of the cat…very important to do every time you put harness on your cat.


Now take a visual inspection to check the webbing straps placement around the neck, shoulder straps, and the body straps…too loose…too tight 


Look at belly strap placement and how it fits.

Cat Back of the Easy On-Off No Pull Harness
Easy On/Off No Pull Cat Harness Side View

Look at the harness from the side…is it back on the rib cage…not in the armpit area. Is the back of harness in the middle line of the cat’s back.