How to Fit Dog Harness

Check out the ‘How to Fit Cat Harness’; Shows basic adjustments and balancing on the straps.

Shoulder and Belly strap adjustments

Make adjustments on the shoulder straps and balance each side to matching lengths.

Slip Shoulder straps over dogs head.

Slip the shoulder straps over the head.

Shoulder & back adjustment

Lay the Shoulder and Belly Strap on the bone on front chest.

Placement of Back of Harness

Look at the Buckles and the rolled edge of the webbing should be facing the head of dog.  The  top of buckles will have the ruff web edge on the top side where buckle is sewn on to the strap.

Correct Position of Body Strap

Adjust and Balance body straps to match each side. Push the Belly Strap between the front legs towards the end of the sternum, area of large part of rib cage.

Grasping the other side of Body Strap Buckle

Grasp the buckle and bring up toward the top part of buckle.

Correct Positioning of Buckle

Line up both sides of buckle and line up to gently push together.  If you feel resistant…pull apart and line up again with groves in buckle.  


Look carefully at picture, the buckle is not line up correctly. If you push hard…it will jam up. Please look as you gently snap together.

Buckles snap together

Gently push buckle together


Slide Fingers over the buckle area on both sides and pull toward rear of dog. This action will pull in the should and belly into the chest.


Check belly strap placement for balance and centering of strap.


Check front for placement of the ‘D’ ring just under bone on chest (top part of Sternum).


The side view of the harness shows the correct placement of the harness on the dog body. As you can see the body is not located in the armpit area. 

The picture above show the placement of the Shoulder and Belly strap on the front chest. The reason for the placement at just below the bone on chest; Many dog have very sensitive trachea, and will cough when the strap is place up toward the throat.  As you do your quick final look at the key spots on the harness:

  • No straps are twisted
  • Body strap straight up and down on body
  • Ruff edge on top buckle is facing up
  • The shoulder and belly strap in correct position on chest 

You are ready to go.

Purple EZ Harness with matching DH Leash
No Pull Strap
another view of the No Pull Strap
Front View of Chest with older hardware
Roxie_in_the Titan_Harness_Leash_Set