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The different types of leashes and leads are from needs for myself and request from customers.  Dual Handle Leash was a need for myself; I wanted a handle that was at the other end of leash where dependent on the size of dog I could grasp the handle loop where it would bring the dog next to my side.  I developed a placement of the second handle loop according to the size of webbing used for the harness that was associated with the size of the dog.  Over the years I lengthen the loop length of the second handle to 12" so your hand can slide up or down the loop to grip at the perfect placement of your hand to give you length needed between you and your dog. 

Dual Handle Leash

Walking Leash

Jogger Body Leash

Multi-Handle 2 Dog Walking Leash

2-Dog Connector

Auto Safety Lead

Truck / SUV Safety Lead