Auto Safety Accessories Information

Many states are now requiring that pets must be secured when in an Auto or in the back of a truck. The fines are expensive and if you are in an accident and your pet is loose…that’s not good news for you as a driver.  I am supportive of the law; it does protect you and your pets.

I had a life changing experience, I designed this product because I came very close to losing not only my life and others in an auto accident because of my dog got very frightened. God bless me, my dog and others that day. I learned a valuable lesson, the hard way. I have never again let my pets ride in my automobile without being secured;  Loose Pets can cause auto accidents, when pets get frightened you are their security blanket and if you are the driver…..Your Eyes and Your Mind Leave the Highway when your pet dives toward you for safety.  In that instant the your world can change!

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