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The Truck – SUV Safety Attachment is a special type of product that attaches to clips in the floor of SUVs or in the beds of Trucks or to the sides of the truck. The design of the product is keeping pet in center of auto. Especially in the backs of trucks, everytime I see dogs loose in the back a truck, my heart aches for the dog. All it takes is for the driver to slam on their brakes, the dog is now airborne…After my near death experience, I am a very strong supporter of securing your pet for their safety and as well as your safety; That is why I have designed these products. My babies are just as precious to me as my children are to me…I want pets secured in an auto!! I am very happy to see more and more states enforcing the laws for pet safety in Auto’s.

I had a life changing experience, I designed this product because I came very close to losing not only my life and others in an auto accident because of my dog got very frightened. God bless me, my dog and others that day. I learned a valuable lesson, the hard way. I have never again let my pets ride in my automobile without being secured;  Loose Pets can cause auto accidents, when pets get frightened you are their security blanket and if you are the driver…..Your Eyes and Your Mind Leave the Highway when your pet dives toward you for safety.  In that instant the your world can change!

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Auto Safety for Trucks and SUV

The Back of an SUV

The clips in back of the SUV are where the end snap hooks to. The adjustments are on both sides of the middle strap connected to the swivel that hooks to the dog. The metal buckles and Tri-glides are used on each side of the swivel to make adjustments on the baseline strap that hooks to the center line and side hooks. I use a Swivel to connect all three parts together.

Dog Truck-SUV Safety Equipment

Dog standing attach to center line.`

The center line is 24 inches long including snap hook end. The center line is attached to one end of the swivel and the end of swivel is attach to the adjustable baseline of the SUV Safety Attachment.

Dog Truck-SUV Safety Hook System

Attaching snap hook to the back of Harness

Look at the picture: see how snap hook is facing up towards you. Use snap on the 'D' ring first then lift up to hook in the 'O' ring. Then when taking off the snap hook it will 'O' ring then 'D' ring.

Dog Truck-SUV Safety Attachment Placement

Truck / SUV Safety Attachment

More Colors

Dog Truck SUV Auto Safety Equipment

This Picture is of the prototype of the Truck / SUV Auto Safety Attachment

After I completed the Auto safety Lead I knew I wanted to design an Auto Safety for Trucks and SUVs. The above was the prototype, from there I made some changes. I added Swivels, slightly shorten the center line. Replaced the ladder locks with metal buckles and tri-glides for center adjustments. Decide to make two sizes 1 inch for the big pickups and a 3/4 inch for SUVs and small pickups. Both sizes can be used on Large to Small dogs The 2 sizes of the SUV/ Truck Safety Attachment:
1. SUV / Small Truck - 3/4 inch webbing for small to large dogs.
2. Auto's Large Truck - 1 inch webbing for 1/2 ton to 1 ton dually's, 4 wheel drive that are wide heavy duty Trucks. 

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