Cat Customer's Comments and Pictures

My favorite pictures of Anna’s beautiful cats are the Cat sitting on the golden cat bench, the cat playing in the water, and the cat sleeping on its back, dead to the world…all stretched out. Anna is very pleased with the harnesses. I am shipping out the size large harnesses for her baby’s. ?Thank you very for your continued support.

Carissa’s baby has gone from his Size Medium in Teal, up to the size Large in Creamy Tan. My harnesses offer a comfortable fit. Thank you for your support.

Prudence baby is in the Creamy Tan Ocelot/Serval No Pull Harness. She just order a 2 color Titan Ocelot/Serval No Pull Harness in Coyote Brown with Neon Orange.  On its way to United Kingdom, will post pictures soon. Titan Ocelot/Serval No Pull Harness Set. – Kelly Green with Neon Lime makes an great color combination.  Thank you very much for your support and being my second person for ordering the Titan Harness.

Ladies in Pink! These hot looking are showing off;  Baby Pink and Neon Hot Pink. They both look good…but the Baby Pink really looks sharp against the her fur coat.  Thank you for your support of my home-made products.

Babies – Cute Babies – I just want to pick them up and cuddle them with love. I had to do some custom work for these little ones.  It was worth it to see how cute they look in the harnesses. Note: I don’t charge extra for doing custom work like + or – of 1 to 2  inches on the body straps. My goal is that I want a harness that is comfortable wearing these babies.

This color is Neon Lime Green that set off the cats coat  colors. I really like it!  I have to say I am so glad that customers have started ordering in different colors other than the standard Black.  Thank You – Thank You, I always smile a big smile when get those orders. I am looking forward to the Titan picture, You will Love them.

This  is wearing a Teal color No Pull Harness, (some people see that it has a little of green shade to it)…to me it is a beautiful shade of a dark Teal color and this baby looks so good in it. I love the pictures of these of the cats. Thank You…Keep them coming!