The Working Action of the Ocelot/Serval Harnesses

The Ocelot/Several Harnesses are a special designed for these unique cat’s body. My goal is for the harness to be humane, safe, a comfortable fit for the cat and functional for the owners. The back of the harness is elongated to accommodate the large shoulders and the long body of the cat. The placement of the 2 body straps are placed further back on the rib cage to avoid the body straps chafing the armpit areas. There is plenty of room for full range motion of the front shoulders. I designed 2 types of harnesses;
     1. The Standard Harness is a regular type of harness with 2 Body straps…No function, just a comfortable and secure fit.
     2. The Patented No Pull Harness design with 2 Body Straps that is functional for controlling the cat when the Cat is pulling on the leash.

My Patented No Pull Harness design is very unique. I wanted a product that did not use pain, nor cause discomfort to the pet while walking and no chafing in the armpit area. I designed the body strap to slightly tighten around the core of the body. The placement of the body strap was move further back onto the rib cage, out of the normally target the sensitive armpit area. The uniquely designed back part of the harness has 3 forms of connected pressure on the core of the cat’s body when the cat pulls on the attached leash:
     1. Direct Motion – Allows movement of the body strap to tighten and release pressure on the core of body.
     2. Indirect Shoulder Motion – As movement of the back part of harness follows movement of leash toward the rear of pet. That movement causes the shoulder straps to slightly applies pressure over the shoulders down to the front of the chest point.
     3. Indirect Belly Strap Motion – As the front shoulder strap applies pressure over the shoulders the movement continues down to the connected Belly Strap that is also connected to the body strap. This pressure is now affecting the entire core of the pets body as you do a tug and release motion with your fingers on the leash and speaking your verbal command. You now have their total attention, they will look back you, as though they are acknowledging your presence and listening to your verbal commands. The tug and release motion does not hurt the pet, it just grabs their attention and they focus on you.

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