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Auto safety Leads come in three sizes; Large, Medium, and Small. The Safety Lead attaches to the back of the harness; Use both the ‘D’ Ring and the ‘O’ Ring together with the snap. The other end of Auto Safety Lead has a small loop for wrapping around the Seat-Belt between seat and the little round plastic guard on seat belt webbing. Snug the loop down on the seat-belt

I had a life changing experience, I designed this product because I came very close to losing not only my life and others in an auto accident because of my dog got very frightened. God bless me, my dog and others that day. I learned a valuable lesson, the hard way. I have never again let my pets ride in my automobile without being secured;  Loose Pets can cause auto accidents, when pets get frightened you are their security blanket and if you are the driver…..Your Eyes and Your Mind Leave the Highway when your pet dives toward you for safety.  In that instant the your world can change!

Dog Truck-SUV Safety Hook System

Attaching Auto Safety Lead to Harness Back

When you attach the Auto Safety Lead to back of Harness: Snap the 'D' Ring first, then the 'O' Ring second. This is for the safety of the dog, both rings must be hooked together because you want to prevent the "No Pull Action Of the Harness". When both are together it just become a regular type of safety harness.

Auto Safety Lead Medium 3/4 inch Webbing

3 Different Sizes of the Auto Safety Lead

Auto Safety Leads are made in 1 inch, 3/4 inch, 5/8 inch webbing. The design of the Auto Safety lead is to be used on the seatbelt. It took awhile to figure out the size of loop to be use so that when the lead is wrapped around the seatbelt that it would lock down and not loosen up in use. Then determine the length need. Over time it all came together. A product that I use for my pets and my safety.

Medium Auto Safety Lead - Turquoise

Large size Auto safety Lead

Turquoise Large Auto Safety Lead from a side view; 2 layers of webbing sewn together and the small loop on one end and the other end with a pet snap hook.

Auto Safety Leads

Auto Safety Lead

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Large Auto Safety Lead – 1 inch Webbing.

Medium Auto Safety Lead – 3/4 inch Webbing.

Small Auto Safety Lead – 5/8 inch Webbing.